What is the BEMISTM system?

The BEMISTM (Bore Erosion Measurement and Inspection System)is a probe that produces a high-resolution internal map of the component surface. Results can be displayed in a multitude of formats, i.e. tables, graphs, images, etc.

How many data points are gathered during the inspection and how long does it take to inspect the pipe?

The linear resolution is affected by the resolution required by the customer (how tight the helix is - think of a SlinkyTM). It can be as tight as 0.010" or as loose as 0.5", depending on the application.

EXAMPLE: Scan of a 45' joint 10 3/4" OD

  1. A Dimensional Volumetric scan at 0.5" resolution gathers over 2.5 million data points in 3.5 minutes.
  2. A Defect Analysis scan at 0.0125" resolution gathers over 20 million data points in 14 minutes.

Does Laserstream sell the inspection tool?

No, Laserstream is a service company with an exclusive agreement with the equipment manufacturer.

Where is the inspection work completed? Do I need to ship my products to Laserstream?

Laserstream is a mobile service provider. We come to your location and can inspect on site.

Can this system be used to replace UT, EMI, Mag particle, etc.?

No, however this technology can and has been used in conjunction with other traditional methods.

What kind of report should I expect and what is the turnaround time once inspection work is completed?

Final inspection reports are custom built to the customer requirements. Report include but are not limited to:

  1. Quantitative ID data displayed in excel format
  2. Visual representations of any features or defects
  3. 3-D imaging, graphs

Currently the turn around time for reports is between 2-5 days.

What national standards does Laserstream follow?

Currently there are no API standards for laser profilometry. Laserstream has a Quality Management System designed around API Q1. The acceptance and rejection criteria generally follow API specifications and customer requirements.

What advantages does the BEMISTM system offer?

The following is a list of some of the advantages:

  1. The BEMISTM is a surface-based inspection system.
  2. Any and all information about the ID of a pipe will and can be gathered using laser profilometry.
  3. Orientation of discontinuities has no influence on finding features.
  4. The BEMISTM system can provide a cross section profile, length, width depth and volume of the feature giving a visual representation of areas of concern with accuracies up to 0.001".
  5. The BEMISTM can determine the volume by measuring the ID of the pipe.
  6. The BEMISTM measures accurate diameters/radii of the ID.
  7. Ovality of the ID of the pipe can be measured.

How is the BEMISTM system different from other inspection methods?

The BEMISTM system is the only system that measures and maps the ID.